"I feel very confident in my college decision because of the help from Tonica. She not only guided me through the whole process of picking a college, but she also assisted in the financial aid aspect. She instilled in me to choose a college that I could reasonably afford and one that had the whole college experience that I was looking for. Thanks to Tonica I am fully confident that I made the best choice!"

Alissa Dodd, class of 2019

"Tonica has been a mentor for my two high school children for the past four years! She has provided them with many resources while helping them choose their major and what college they are going to attend! She additionally helped educate my children on financial aid, grants and scholarships during their college selection process. We couldn’t have done this without all her support!"

Dayna White, parent of class of 2018 & 2020 students

"Tonica was a big help in getting myself prepared for college. When visiting schools, she gave insight on what I should be looking for in a campus that would help me feel more comfortable and at home. She also assisted me in going through the process of financial aid and stressed the importance of applying for grants and scholarships to help make college more affordable for my family and I. These are just a few of the many things she taught me, but without her, I would definitely not feel as prepared for college as I do now."

Khalil Mitcham, class of 2019

"Ms. Johnson has helped me out tremendously throughout my high school years and when I was transitioning into college. Whenever I needed advice, she was someone I could instantly go to and
ask for help with anything. She provided me with resources when picking a college and also for when it came to applying to them. She made the process of preparing for college a lot less stressful. Without her help, I would not have been as organized throughout high school or even for my first year of college."

Samantha Ramos, class of 2016

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