Here are some articles that may be helpful in your journey!

This quick infographic shows you that, on average, each counselor in Colorado has 376 students. It's not that these wonderful professionals aren't doing their jobs, but their large caseloads make it extremely difficult to give personalized attention to each student. Another survey shows "that high school counselors are able to devote less than 30 percent of their time to college advising. Big chunks focus on other important things, like helping students choose courses or supporting their emotional needs."

Here is an article showing how just how many options there are for students to choose from and an overview of the decision making process.

You can look at the breakdown of the cost of colleges by regions, states, majors, and more. This is a costly investment, so it is imperative to make the right decision!

This recent article shows how common it is for students to either take longer than 4 years to graduate or leave college entirely, leaving them with more debt than necessary. Having someone guide you through all of the unknown obstacles during the selection process raises the chances that you will graduate on time, due to the school being a great fit for your needs!

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