This package is designed for families with a senior who already knows what schools they are interested in, but would benefit from expertise of the college admissions process.
  • Complete Application Management:
    Colleges are getting more and more competitive, so using strategies and creating an authentic, captivating, and unique custom application that sets your student apart from others is more important than ever. Customized plan with key deadlines and milestones.

  • Essays:
    Assistance with the entire process of writing a compelling essay for both the Common App and any other supplemental applications, from brainstorming to editing and revision.

  • Final Decision Guidance:
    Ongoing deliberation to ensure the selected school is the best fit academically, financially, and socially. Evaluate the complicated acceptance and financial aid award letters to see which one would be the best return of investment.

  • Transitioning to College Guidance:
    Various resources to help students adjust to college after high school, including budgeting tools, tips to save money, study hacks, and how college is different from high school.

  • Funding Guidance & Support:
    A financial aid specialist will help you understand where you stand in the college planning process financially, where you need to go, and what it takes to get there! Advice and strategies to reduce Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and put you in the best position to receive all the financial aid for which you are eligible.

  • Personalized Online Portal:
    Will have clear deadlines, keep the student organized, and allow for regular communication between us.


This package is designed for students who also need guidance with evaluating which schools are great fits for them, as well as assistance with standardized testing and selecting a major. Includes everything in the Essentials Package PLUS:
  • High School Course & Extra-Curricular Planning:
    Student’s transcripts are reviewed before receiving advice on courses and any necessary tutoring.

  • SAT/ACT:
    Review and recommend a standardized testing strategy and timeline.

  • Major Selection:
    Various assessments and counseling will help guide students towards potential interests, majors, and/or careers.

  • Personalized Best Fit College List:
    With over 4,000 options, it is necessary to research, evaluate, and create a list of best-fit schools for your student. There is a lot to consider: academic fit, financial fit, and social/cultural fit.

  • Campus Visits/Tours:
    Preparation and explanation of strategies to demonstrate interest.

  • Activity Resume Completion:
    Crafted to reflect your student’s commitment to these interests.

Hourly Services

We also assist students and families with college planning on an hourly basis. This time can be used for any of the services listed in the Essential or Premium packages, but not funding guidance. This does not include the personalized portal or ongoing communication.